Website Analytics - Conversion Rate Optimization

Website/App Analytics for the Future

We help make sense of your website by providing world-class analytics that tie in with your other business processes: CRM, SaaS, PaaS, and legacy systems. Campaign reporting is another facet of our analytical package that provides insights into how customers interact with your marketing campaigns. We explain and repurpose your data, enabling you to adjust strategies on the fly.

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Error Reporting

Control the controllables. You're website may not be getting indexed properly because of technical errors. Using Webmaster Tools we analyze your site and help you understand what may be frustrating your users as well as the search engines. We provide weekly crawl reports to our clients.

Visitor Personas

Using analytics and specific data sets, we can identify WHO your website visitors are, how they get there, and the way in which you can tailor content to satisfy their needs. Understanding your visitors is key to running a highly efficient, lead-producing website.

Architecture Analysis

Good for the users, even better for the search engines. A proper site architecture helps your information get found faster. Using goals and funnels, we're able to see how visitors navigate your website once they land on it.

A-B Split Testing

Some page layouts convert better than others. A great way to test this is to use a method referred to as A/B split testing in which two versions of a webpage are shown to visitors. By using metrics like bounce rate and time on page we're then able to see which is more effective.