Exact Match Domains (EMDs) Taking A Hit


Wasn’t this supposed to happen like, two years ago? Matt Cutts had previously announced that exact match keyword domains were going to be put under the Google microscope. A client of ours had several “exact match” domains that haven’t seen a drop in rankings as of today. I’ve noticed no significant change from our clients’ competitors ether, several of whom have egregious EMD names.

What To Do With The Good Guys?

If this (rolling) update does come to fruition what happens to the websites that have built up proper authority, using white-hat methods that happen to have keyword-laden URLS? It hardly seems fair to punish these people. I believe for a website to get hit with this penalty there has to be some shady backlinking going on as well. Punishing a website that’s 8 years old and has played by the rules seems to be a draconian way of establishing Google as a “trusted information source”. The SEO community seems to be abuzz with Fridays announcement. We typically discourage clients from using a microsite strategy that employs exact match domain names. In the end solid branding always wins out.

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