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This is a slick, responsive, mobile theme for WordPress – perfect for showing off your app on multiple devices. Although there are plenty of “mobile templates” on Themeforest this one stands out for a number of reasons:
fluid app mobile phone layout

  • Call to action layout – when the site is folded down to a mobile phone the two call-to-action buttons stack perfectly next to each other, allowing for the site owner to display buttons for different operating systems/devices (as shown in the live preview).
  • Consistent layout – no matter what page you navigate to there’s always the same two button download options on top. This is optimal if you need to focus on building leads/encouraging downloads on your website. The “download” is the most valuable step in the customer acquisition process.
  • It still looks good on a desktop – no need to worry about users being confused about the layout when they’re using their laptop or desktop. It’s still achieving the same thing: getting people to download something.
  • Buttons customized for Apple and Android markets – here’s some of the leg work for you. (assuming you intend this to be solely for downloading mobile apps)
  • Google font picker – in “real time”.

FluidApp is a Winner

The FluidApp WordPress theme is up there with the top mobile WordPress templates we’ve seen. It’s well-documented, loaded with options, and is supported by the latest version of WordPress and it’s features (menus, image uploading, etc.). We’d recommend this to anyone looking to show off their mobile app and keep people updated about it (after all, it’s still a WordPress website :)

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