Grouper, User Interface Done Right

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An Interesting Dating Service Complimented by Dead Simple UI

I recently gave Grouper, a dating service that specializes in “group dating”, a try with several friends in Atlanta. We met at a trendy bar in East Atlanta and things went as planned: the girls showed up on time, everyone was cordial, and we exchanged numbers at the end of the night. Although I haven’t followed up with any of them yet, I have noticed the beautiful user interface Grouper employs on their backend.
This is a great example of “just enough”. I’ve always been a big fan of using timelines in UI to let people know where they are in the signup process, or better yet where they’re going to be. “Invite wings” is an especially nice touch here. No fluff or bullshit. Visually, they are holding your hand through an unknown process, an important concept when introducing a new product as unique and challenging as 3-way dating.
Another interesting (although not new by any means) is their karma system that awards you points if you show up on time, behave yourself, and are courteous to you dates. As karma points add up you get rewards that you can eventually cash in. The way this is laid out is extremely pleasing and effective, employing a “just enough” aesthetic that presents clear objectives as you navigate the backend.

Among the ways you can cash in your rewards:
cash in on karma points
Kudos to the designers at Grouper. We were thoroughly impressed with how easy it was to navigate the backend. They also do a good job of tying in and designing their emails to encourage repeat participation, a truly seamless process.

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