In Demand CMS Comparison – WordPress Wins


Using Google Trends, I was able to compare some interesting data concerning the popularity of several search terms and the results shouldn’t surprise anyone. WordPress seems to currently be in high demand. I love Google trends because it’s insightful (FYI- Google Trends and Google Insights have merged into one product) and is usually a good indicator of interest in a particular topic. At SunBird Interactive we are champions of the WordPress development cause. If you use any browser extension like Wappalyzer or BuiltWith you’ll notice more than not, a “w” in the toolbar when visting websites. The truth is in the numbers.

Why WordPres Wins

For many reasons WP is the elephant in the room. What was once considered a personal blogging platform is now a full fledged content management system, capable of supporting e-commerce sites, forums, and of course online communities. Nothing gets me going like the developer who thumbs their nose up at the thought of building a site with WordPress. We love it because it allows our clients to make edits to their websites on their own without any knowledge of coding. Everyone wins in this scenario, we don’t have to answer phone calls late at night and the client has a sense of autonomy. WordPress takes the “smoke and mirrors” away from web development and that may scare many developers who have made their bread and butter perpetuating the smoke and the mirrors.

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