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ThemeForest has just release a new premium, responsive WordPress theme called “Mila”. It’s a portfolio-centric WP theme that that features:

  • Google Fonts – Good for adding some spice to your website. Machine readable text that search engines can read too.
  • Ajax Content Loader – The preferred way to serve up dynamic content.
  • Video Support – So many bloggers need to include multimedia in their posts. It give you a huge leg up for SEO as well.
  • Built-in Social Sharing Options – While there are many free plugins for social sharing this one coming with the theme gives you the peace of mind that it plays nice.
  • A Like and Views Count – Adding this kind of social validity to your website encourages users to leave feedback and participate in your community.
  • Custom Post Types – This is essential if you plan on having a diverse blogging strategy. All of the basic ones are supported.

A small, albeit important touch is having the circular loading status present when it’s gathering post/portfolio types. This come into play when you’re visitor is experiencing bandwidth latencies and is having a hard time loading your dynamic content.

We Highly Recommend The Mila WordPress Theme

If you’re an artist or studio looking to showcase your work this theme is perfect. Its intuitive layout and responsive design lets your projects speak for themselves.

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