Rhapsody Using Google Markup to Win In Search Results

google audio markup in search results

A lot of fuss has been made over Googles extremely aggressive push to start using more meta data (markup) to organize websites that contain elements like reviews, audio tracks, product prices etc. When done properly, a website using this structured markup stands to benefit greatly with click-through rates in search results. I see the relationship as being symbiotic: we make it easier for Google to identify and organize the content of our web pages and in return we get rich snippets in search results. As you can see above Rhapsody has utilized the markup to display audio tracks in search results.
Above is the code for just one song. There are several attributes (ids) they are using to appease Google and make it easier to make sense out of what this page is about :

  • artist name
  • duration
  • artist shortcut
  • album
  • track name

By giving Google this information behind the scenes (meta data) Rhapsody gets it’s nice little listings below their meta descriptions in search results.

It’s About Visibility

What this means for the marketer or SEO project manager, is increased click through rates in search results. Among the many factors in Google’s algorithm is user engagement. They pay close attention to what result users click on for specific queries. There have been numerous studies that prove the importance of rich snippets and proper markup.

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