Shopify vs. Magento – Landing Page Tactics

shopify vs magento landing page

If you’re involved in eCommerce and you haven’t been living under a rock the past few years you’ve undoubtedly heard of Shopify, the hosted shopping cart solution that enables site owners to build stores rapidly and make adjustments on the fly without any coding knowledge. Colleagues of mine have described Shopify as a “revelation” when compared to other shopping cart solutions. Although I haven’t used it myself I’ve had a chance to browse their website and features and I’m consistently impressed with each update. There seems to be options for everything including: drop shipping, tiered pricing, integration, and much more.

They Also Effectively SEO Their Own Product

If you’re trying to decide what software or service to use often times find yourself doing “comparison searches” on Google. When considering Shopify, you may compare it against another popular eCommerce solution Magento. Magento is a major player and is currently considered the top open-source eCommerce platform so naturally you would look for opinions on why you would choose it over Shopify. Why you Google Shopify vs. Magento the first two results are from the Shopify website. shopify vs magento search results
This is super effective stuff. Although you may be looking for a completely unbiased opinion from a web development-related news site you’re instead presented with the bare facts of what Magento and Shopify offer. By controlling the top results in Google Shopify has effectively executed a reputation marketing and SEO tactic. The page is especially shallow to boot!
A few customer testimonials is all you really see. Baffling.


  1. amLIgo on January 14, 2013

    thanks for this information. It is important for me as I am going to change my shopping cart. Still not decided on what. But I like Magento, as well as Shopify is also not bad. Just is is not very good alternative, if I should pay commission for each transaction. I had already contact Cart2Cart support ( ) to make migration for me, but I cant decide as I see lots of negative comment on Magento that it is slow….should I take them seriously? (I have a small bookstore with 1500 items- so what will be good for me?)


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