Speed Kills, Lessons in Shared Hosting


You Get What You Pay For

When I started building websites GoDaddy seemed like the logical choice for web hosting (as a football fan, I’d been blasted with commercials featuring Danica Patrick for years). I’ve since added over 14 websites to my deluxe hosting plan and needless to say they’ve come to a crawl. We’re hosting this site using HostGator’s deluxe WordPress package. Let’s compare Sunbird’s server response time that of a website on a shared hosting plan.

Here is a speed test (using Pingdom tools) I conducted on a personal site using shared hosting.

As evidenced by the results, it appears the server response time clocks in at over 3 seconds!. Not good. From an on-page perspective everything checks out (89/100) but the achilles heal seems to be network-related.

Here are Sunbird’s speed test results.

Clocking in at just over 1 second, the hosting package for SunBird significantly outperforms my personal site on shared hosting. If you’re serious about the performance of your site and want to deliver the best user experience page load speed is a vital metric. In Google Analytics you can see if you’re falling short in the speed department. It’s something worth checking out. Shared hosting simply doesn’t provide the consistent speed that dedicated hosting does.


  1. David on November 18, 2012

    I’ve only been blogging for 10 motnhs so I’m no expert but I’ll give my two cents worth anyway. My 1st blog is a self-hosted blog using wordpress platform. I just started a new blog last month on blogger. Because it’s free and free is always good. :) Plus I wanted to test the waters since the second blog is totally different. Anywho, I love wordpress and will probably switch the second blog if readership ever picks up. WordPress has so many more options and offers a lot more flexibility in terms of themes, design, layout and thousands of widgets and plugins. I hope this helps.I am a new follower – visiting from Bloggy Moms.

  2. [...] phones and browse without having to pinch and scroll. Something developers often overlook though is proper hosting that enables broadband deficient mobile users to have the fastest viewing experience possible. [...]


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