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The folks from Web Factory have released a new premium WordPress theme called “Super Agency“. I suppose it’s meant for a marketing agency or some form of online consulting but it could be used as a portfolio-type website or just a general business theme. The homepage has a unique layout that features circular navigation elements that levitate when you hover your mouse over. Let’s hope that there is graceful degradation in place for Internet Explorer users you have JavaScript disabled. Among some features that Super Agency has:

Theme Customizer

super agency sidebar customizer
This is especially nice if you plan on switching some of the style options in the back panel. You’re able to change many facets of the site including the ability to tinker with: the contact form, newsletter, colors and backgrounds, title, tagline, and SEO options. You’re also able to style or disable the top navigation bar.

These “live view” options are starting to pop up on many premium WordPress themes that are being released on ThemeForest these days. Super Agency is surely riding this wave, giving users instant and complete control over the major design elements of their website. This method is much easier than having to go in and hack the CSS, giving your client control once the theme is installed.

Super Agency is Loaded with Features

It also includes customer page types like “staff members”, a welcome addition to any theme that serves as a showcase for your company’s talent. One facet that serves to the theme’s “agency” demographic. We could list the rest of the features but honestly, just head over to ThemeForest and see for yourself. We’d recommend this WordPress theme to anyone who wants to showcase their agency or give a responsive facelift to their current website.

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