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This theme is going to sell like hotcakes, for a number of reasons. For one, it looks different than the other themes on ThemeForest – it has a left-aligned navigation menu and has a tile-like layout for the blog posts. Although I’m not a huge fan of non top-horizontal layouts because we read web pages in the “F-Shaped” pattern (lending to a left to right scan of the top menu of course) but……there will be some creative types who find this theme appealing because of its onorthodox menu. The only downside to this menu layout is that they use jQuery to display subpages instead of CSS. Although they probably have some fallback in place (graceful degradation for you web development professionals) it’s still worth noting.

Valor is Loaded with Features

valor mobile phone layout

  • Responsive – to the left is what Valor looks like on a mobile phone. The navigation “squishes” together on top to form a logical way for your visitors to navigate to important pages. It also utilizes dynamic image resizing to display the images appropriately on different size screen.
  • 5 Different Styles – If you’re using a WordPress theme and installing it on a client’s website you want them to be able to adjust the style without having to touch any code.
  • Touch support – I can attest that this theme works well on an iPad in regards to touch slide support. There’s nothing more annoying than navigating to a site on your mobile device and not being able to swipe through pictures and other media.
  • Filtered portfolio – this seems to come along with every responsive theme released these days. The filterable portfolio is here to stay.

Valor Layout On an iPad

Below is what Valor looks like on an iPad. valor layout on an ipad
The image gets a little smaller as well as the menu. It works. If you’re among the target demographic (creative types, designers) then you can fully expect visitors to be visiting on an iPad.

Who We Recommend this Theme To
We recommend Valor theme to any upstart agency who wants to let their work speak for itself. It’s responsive, has shortcodes, and has a layout that’s easy to navigate and make sense of.

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