10 Examples of Excellent and Effective Video Marketing


1) Wistia Commercial Video

The cobbler’s son wears shoes. Wistia is an online video hosting provider. The video above isn’t necessarily promoting their services but serves as a subtle way to showcase their production standards and capabilities. I found this in their blog and thought I would include it in this list because it’s not an in-your-face marketing video. Partly because of their branded logo on the player, you know this is a Wistia production through and through.

2) James Franco for Seven Jeans

Seven Jeans is working with James Franco to promote their new line of clothing (jeans?). These videos are not only cool but they illustrate Seven’s company culture and outright hipness. I was impressed by the video from last year where Franco videotaped models in a Southern California backdrop while Alexander Ebert’s “Truth” played in the background.

3) Zappos Couture Stop Motion

It’s no secret within the online marketing community the Zappos is the poster child for effective product videos. It’s also no secret that video is an extremely effective tactic for SEO, especially with ecommerce sites where it can be a challenge to have product-level pages outrank giants like Amazon and Ebay. This video is nicely done, no doubt in After Effects. It’s one of the many examples of A Zappos has made online video a staple in their marketing plan.

4) Ralph Lauren – Julien VallĂ©e Portrait Video

Borderline artsy (hell I’d say artsy), this video puts a face behind the design of Ralph Lauren’s clothing line. The playful synth music in the background also adds a nice touch. Though Ralph Lauren could do a better job at integrating this into a blog somehow nevertheless it’s still a grade A production.

5)Zendesk – Shit Support People Say

Self awareness at its finest here. This video has over 63,000 views and undoubtedly rode the “shit people say” wave of popularity. Not only entertaining but the video also has to do with the vertical Zendesk is in (customer support).

6) Brightcove Video Cloud Promo

Video marketing for video marketing. Pretty clever. I especially like the part where the “business people” are sitting around realizing something had gone up by 20% because they were using video.

7) Redbull – Feliz Baumgartner’s Free Fall From The Edge of Space

Red Bull has their hands all over this record breaking skydive. Even the helicopters are pasted with Red Bull branding. The impressions alone that this skydive has brought Red Bull are priceless.

8) The Official Website For “The Social Network”

the social network official website
Not only one of my all-time favorite movies but an outstanding example of what you can do with a video-based website. The interactivity is outstanding, featuring vignettes with the films’ stars, director, screenwriter (Aaron Sorkin at his finest) and other technical directors. My only gripe with the site is that they seem to be using flash instead of HTML5 for the videos.

9) BMW Connected Drive – Real Time Traffic

Who hasn’t been stuck behind a construction site or would like to get a heads up before coming up on one? When compared to their Asian counterparts (Lexus, Acura) BMW isn’t known for their on-board tech capabilities. This commercial is humorous and to the point.

10) Jason Fried of 37Signals – “Marketing By Sharing”

If you haven’t read Rework, I suggest you pick up a copy. Fried’s Ted Talks are also enlightening. This isn’t a pure marketing video per say, Fried isn’t selling his BaseCamp software. He’s simply giving a talk on the importance of cultivating a companies’ shared knowledge as a means to market their product. If he’s marketing anything here it’s his own “Jason Fried” brand.

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