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Google Knowledge Graph Fail – Big Love Theme Song

We’ve all seen some scary (albeit accurate) results in Google search results as they pertain to information pulled from the “knowledge graph” – Google’s ongoing project to present accurate answers to our questions in search results. “Big Love” and the original theme song “God Only Knows” that accompanied the opening credits are two of my […]

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go forth

Levis “Freedom to Move” – Coolest Commercial Ever?

A few years ago (8 to be exact) I purchased Jonathan Glazer’s Directors Series set and remember this particular Levis commercial sticking out in my head. In commercial advertising you “get what you pay for” and Levis obviously spared no expense in producing this effective, cool, and ultimately transcending commercial. Originally produced in 2002 under […]

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Mashable Ditches WordPress as CMS – Now Responsive

Mashable was once the poster child for what WordPress could do on a wide-scale publishing level. When coming across WordPress “haters” I’ve pointed to several high profile websites that use it as their primary Content Management System, chief amongst theme being Mashable. Today they’ve announced a redesign as they’ve undoubtedly moved to a more scalable, […]

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google audio markup in search results

Rhapsody Using Google Markup to Win In Search Results

A lot of fuss has been made over Googles extremely aggressive push to start using more meta data (markup) to organize websites that contain elements like reviews, audio tracks, product prices etc. When done properly, a website using this structured markup stands to benefit greatly with click-through rates in search results. I see the relationship […]

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