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Still Giving Presentations The Old-Fashioned Way?

How often have we heard, “can you forward your slides for the presentation tomorrow?”. Then you send it to them and there’s a problem with the formatting, or the slides don’t fall inline aesthetically with others. What’s a marketer to do? For starters you can start giving presentations like a grown-up. Using PowerPoint to give presentations is outdated and forces everyone to have a working version of the software on their computers. Presenting on a website solves many problems. Everyone can view it and there aren’t any compatibility issues across different devices. What makes for a good WordPress template capable of giving dynamic presentations?

WordPress Presentation Features

There are several ways this WordPress theme makes it easy to give presentations.

Drag and Drop Layout Builder

No reason to write any code here. Drag and drop editors are great for non programmers to layout their websites. Between all the premium themes and plugins available it’s no wonder WP has become the top choice to build most websites. The layout builder allows you to easily drop images and text in. More intuitive than PowerPoint if you ask me.

Animation Effects

Here’s where the “presentation” part comes in. This theme allows you to add special CSS3 animations to each of your slides. At this point most modern browsers are able to display CSS3 and HTML5, the two technologies necessary in making the presentation happen.

Responsive and Retina Ready

Need to give the presentation on your iPad? No problem. This theme is responsive and looked great on our iPad.

Business presentation on the iPad.

It’s also “retina”-ready, meaning that the visual elements are extra crisp on retina-ready devices (which include most of the latest Android phones and of course the newer generation iPhone and iPad). You can imagine the “leg up” you’ll have if you go to pitch something and you can hand the CEO an iPad to follow along with what you’re presenting on screen.

Perfect For Product/Service Pitches

Although most of the time I’d prefer making an entire presentation from scratch using Impress.js this WordPress theme would be great to use in a group situation when you rely on several collaborators to contribute to the presentation. And with the ability to assign user roles in the WordPress backend you can make sure collaborators don’t go around messin’ with the important admin stuff.

They really got the layout right with this theme. The vertical scrolling presentation is found on many modern websites. Take a look at 37 Signals’ website. It’s the poster child for call-to-action web design. As you scroll down the page you are presented with all of their products and “stuff” that they’ve done. By the time you get to the bottom you have a pretty good idea about what they do and have little doubt on how credible they are. The style of their homepage hasn’t changed in years. This vertical way of presenting information is timeless.

Other Presentation Features

Along with having access to WordPress’ complete plugin ecosystem to customize the site this theme has several other custom features that add to the overall value.

  • A built-in “Like” system. Although this theme’s like system is more like Reddit than FaceBook this can still be considered a social feature. It allows users to “upvote” certain posts, giving preferential order to the posts/pages that people like most.
  • Tooltips. Helpful little thought bubbles that gives people hints or instruction on what they’re hovering above. A great CSS3 feature.
  • Translatable. This helps if you’re in Europe especially. Or somewhere else that features multiple languages within a certain geographic region.

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