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There are several ways to approach developing a “music website”. In most every case, you’ll be using a 3rd party hosting solution like SoundCloud to host the actual music files. In the case of the acoustic theme you have the choice between using several services. Unless you’re planning on using the site to relaunch Michael Jacksons master collection then you’ll probably be fine hosting the files yourself and using the included JW Player. Also included with the ability to display custom playlists and “discographies” is the option of choosing to “buy track”, which takes you to the custom link of your choice whether it be Amazon or your own shopping cart.

Acoustic Theme Has Plenty of Features

Besides its crisp, minimal design the Acoustic theme has plenty features that are baked right in.
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  • Custom post types – pretty necessary if you’re using your theme to present different events and forms of media (audio, video, etc.)
  • Self hosted videos option – although for video, we usually recommend using a 3rd Party hosting service like Vimeo, Brightcove, or Viddler (sorry YouTube) this theme supports the option of hosting on your own server. From a performance perspective you would need to have top-notch hosting to make this efficient and scalable (how many people will be watching a video simultaneously?)
  • It’s responsive – a no brainer these days. If you’re not thinking “mobile-first” then you’re missing out on a huge (and growing) potential audience base. Creating a mobile and desktop version of your website confuses search engines and is also a pain in the @ss to update.
  • Solid customer support – while we haven’t used this theme yet we’ll take their word for it.
  • The Perfect Music WordPress Theme

    WordPress is quickly becoming popular for multimedia websites for several reasons, chief amongst them being usability. Creative types/musicians don’t want to be constantly messing with technical details and code so give them something that’s intuitive. If they don’t have the ability to upload and edit posts on their own then it’s going to be a rough road. We’d recommend this theme to anyone who wants an efficient relationship with their artist client.

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