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The Almet responsive WordPress theme is pretty sick, HTML5 at its finest. The Revolution Slider is incredible in itself, allowing the user to customize animations on top of animations on top sliding pictures. Although it may be a little funky for those of you still using older versions of Internet Explorer I’m sure there is some fallback options or “graceful degradation”. Some features of the Almet theme.

Almet is Responsive

almet mobile layout
Why even bother building a website if it isn’t responsive these days? Everyone and their mother is on their iPads, iPhones, Androids viewing web pages. Thew Almet theme uses CSS media queries to appropriate content and make it so what’s on the web page stays there when someone pulls it up on their phone. The main navigation menu does a nice “drop down thing” and the background image used in the demo is still visible yet subtle behing all of these elements. It would be nice though, to have a widgetized top area somewhere where you could put a phone number or email (call to action) so it pops right up when viewing on a phone (shrink this site).

The Almet Theme on an iPad

almet ipad
No that we’ve established the responsiveness of Almet theme let’s take a look at some of the other features.

  • Advanced theme options – choose from a plethora of backend customizations that include the ability to switch many of the CSS styles without having to write any code.
  • Content builder – we use one for this site and we love it. It makes it super easy. Drag and drop elements without even having to write shortcodes.
  • 200 Vector icons included – this is a nice little package. Although you could argue that a lot of these could be found for free it’s still a nice add-on.
  • Revolution slider – a pretty sweet way to animate a custom slideshow.
  • Translation ready – good if you need an international version of your website.

I’d recommend the Almet theme to anyone who wants to make a website that can be easily edited by non-techies. the content builder is a fantastic touch that makes this possible.


  1. Joulh on January 2, 2013

    HelloI want to start a blog on my domain aloguthh I this is my first blog. I’m gonna build my site with WordPress.The topics I want to have in my blog are Mainly Anime and some of Web Design/Development. I will be writing reviews and my opinions for Animes I watch. Then I wanna include an ad for products related to it. I am from Japan and now live in U.S, so I always had interest in Anime/Manga. I will also want to have reviews for books about Web Design/Development, and my ideas and tips for techniques I find interesting.1. If I wanna have ads related to Anime and Web Design/Development, where could I find the ad to put on my blog? 2. Does this topic sound like something alright? I understand it takes time to gain income, but I want to start this blog for my own hobby and hope to see some income after like a year or so.Thank you

    • cstyle on January 3, 2013

      A few things I will say about operating an affiliate website.
      1) It takes an extraordinary amount of time. Unless you live to write and have ideas popping out of your head like crazy you’ll more than likely need another writer/partner to make headway within a year.
      2) You need to review products that people are searching for. Go to and do research on how people search for the products you want to review.
      3) Use automated ad software. Use to place meaningful/contextual ads for your visitors to see.
      4) I would place ads in the right sidebar and try to keep it to a minimum. Google is now reducing page quality score for sites who heavily pepper their pages with advertisements.

      Hope this helps.

  2. Huber on January 2, 2013

    Many hosting pagcakes support multiple domains, I would strongly recommend using separate domains for anime and web related topics. Having a more homogeneous, clearly focused site helps search engine ranking.You may need to spend an equal amount of time doing seo on and off site to gain the prized search engine supplied visitors.animenewsnetwork looks like a useful resource.Here are the first couple of many that a search for: Anime affiliate turns up.

    • cstyle on January 3, 2013

      I agree with this. You want each domain to be as focused as possible. Google favors niches instead of sites that cover many broad topics.


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