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The Bretheon WordPress Theme is “Fresh”, to Say the Least

I could sit on my computer all day and review every WordPress theme that ThemeForest releases. Besides the lack of time available, another reason for me vetting what I review is a lot of the WP themes look alike. It’s getting to the point where you only need one theme with a decent page builder and you’re set. And with the sheer amount of plugins available you can quickly and easily take the stock twenty eleven WordPress theme and customize it visually. I’ve decided to review the Bretheon theme today because it’s visually striking and is absolutely chock full of features. The “Muffin Group” has put together quite the package here. They’ve racked up almost 3,000 sales so far and ThemeForest and they certainly won’t be slowing down with the release of Bretheon (which has racked up over 50 sales in a matter of a few days).

Bretheon Features a “Boxed” Layout

Bretheon features a “boxed” layout the borrows from the Metro-style aesthetic.

Bretheon features an almost metro-like design that that looks clean and focused. I’m viewing the demo with the “boxed” layout, which aesthetically I tend to favor over “stretched”. This block-like layout is becoming more prevalent for several reasons, chief amongst theme being the widespread adoption of mobile devices. Many phone and iPad apps are “boxed” in design so the user can clearly identify what “button” to push. Consider the Windows 8 Metro theme, which has been considered a breakthrough in UX design – it’s completely boxed and it’s obvious the Bretheon WordPress theme borrows from this.

Other Features of Bretheon

An “Offer” Slider

Bretheon features an “offer slider” that rotates on the homepage. A nice “eCommerce” touch.

You’ll see this a lot on eCommerce websites; a slider that rotates special offers and promotions. With this feature, Bretheon expands the possibilities of this WordPress Theme and adds a touch of eCommerce sensibilities. While this could be integrated with a shopping cart plugin like WooCommerce or Jigo Shop, it could also be used to make special announcements to your clients and future customers.

A Robust “Theme Options” Panel

Plenty of theme options so you write the least amount of code possible. Always a plus.

Options are good, especially when it comes to customer WordPress themes. If you’re installing the Bretheon theme for a client you want them to have the ability to switch up the styles (assuming they’re no a CSS Ninja) without having to FTP or mess with the core files. Theme options included: colors, “boxes”, main menu, header, fonts, shortcodes, widgets, and more.

Drag and Drop Content Editor

Bretheon features a drag and drop content editor that lets you dynamically style pages without having to write code.

Drag and drop is hands down the fasted and most effective way to style a webpage. We use it on this site and encourage our clients to adopt the method as well. If you think shortcodes make things easy wait until you’ve taken a drag and drop editor for a spin, it’s a revelation. Bretheon uses what appears to be a well-implemented page builder that’s intuitive enough for non-techies to use. I’ve used visual website publishing tools like Front PAge, Dreamweaver (to an extent), and Square Space and none of them hold a candle to a properly built WordPress page editor.

Over 80 Shortcodes

Call to action shortcode.

It’s absolutely loaded with shortcode options. Choose from: columns, headings, dividers, icons, image frames, lists, pricing tables, jQuery elements like toggles and accordions, and much more.

Bretheon is Responsive

iPhone layout.

As I mentioned, this block-style layout has been most widely adopted on mobile devices like iPhones and iPads. To the left is what Bretheon looks like on a mobile phone. We also tested it on the ipad and it looks stunning on a retina display. Responsive design is an absolute must if you’re starting a new website these days. mobile internet consumption is on the rise and you can’t afford to have an antiquated desktop-version site that doesn’t scale properly. Is there anything more annoying that pinching and scrolling around to find basic navigation elements?

Who We Recommend Bretheon To

Anyone. Seriously, unless you’re building a web application or large-scale eCommerce website Bretheon is a capable choice. This theme will sell like crazy for two main reasons: the aesthetics are modern and flexible and it’s loaded with options. When buying a premium WordPress theme users expect great support and tons of shortcode/layout options. This theme delivers.


  1. George Michael on February 16, 2013

    You are right. In a forest of WP themes like current marketplaces, we need a stand out theme like Bretheon. I really love this theme!

  2. cstyle on February 16, 2013

    Bitchin’ avatar. Yeah, it seems like ThemeForest pumps out 10 WordPress theme a day. You can always tell when a theme is released if it will do good. Bretheon is one of the stand-outs for sure.

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  9. Jordan on September 24, 2013

    Really like the theme options and love the style. Great theme! Thanks for sharing.


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