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Bulletin Responsive Tumblog-inspired WordPress theme has just been released on ThemeForest. For those trying to build a personal publishing profile – this theme may be for you. Bulletin WordPress theme is responsive, minimal, and is perfect for letting your content “speak for itself”. Among the various features of Bulletin:

    bulletin theme mobile phone layout

  • Responsive – especially important if you’re a writer, journalist, or frequent blogger who send out email alerts when you publish new material. Since it’s been proven that most people now access their email on mobile devices (iPhone, Android etc.) it makes sense that your site scales properly.
  • Notification bar – It’s build in and it’s a great way to display pertinent information to visitors. Although I think a lot of the time bars like this are used for spammy purposes (“share this”, “subscribe” etc.) they CAN still be used for good.
  • Ajax post loading – we’ve become so accustomed to “drag to refresh” and “load more” that this seems like a logical choice for a website that publishes frequently.
  • Different post formats – publishing a lot of multimedia and need custom posts for that? Bulletin supports most multimedia formats via custom post types.
  • Bulletin is From WPExplorer

    The author of Bulletin Theme (WP Explorer) has already racked up an impressive 7,000 total items sold and doesn’t appear to be slowing down. One of our favorite WordPress themes is Office (which is a monster already, selling 2k+). We recommend the Bulletin theme to anyone who needs a personalized Tumblr-inspired blog theme. Get the look and feel of Tumblr with the robust features of WordPress!

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