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A Left-Aligned Menu WordPress Theme

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Left to right web page scanning.

I’ve read plenty of studies that suggest that placing the navigation bar on top is the optimal way for users to easily navigate through your website. A must-read for aspiring web designers, Jakob Nielsen coins what has become known as the F-shaped pattern for reading web pages. A left-aligned menu flies in the face of this. In general, I agree with Nielsen’s sentiment (it’s also backed by a “scientific” study) that people ten to scan web documents this way, but in certain cases it makes sense to use a left-aligned menu bar. If you’re an artist, photographer, videographer, or anyone who wants to prominently show your work then you want to occupy the “top of the F” with your work – exemplified by the big picture slider in the theme demo.

Features of the Calibre Theme

Besides the unorthodox menu layout, Calibre features a clean, responsive design that includes:


How Calibre looks on a mobile phone.

Flexible Layout – Duh, it’s a must if you’re going to pay for a premium theme. They’ve also made it so there’s graceful degradation if you’re viewing the site in Explorer 7 & 8 (if you’re under the age of 45 please upgrade to 9 or 10 or better yet get Chrome, you’re embarrassing all of us).

Shortcodes – What’s a premium WordPress theme without shortcode options? No one likes to write unnecessary HTML. Among the shortcodes includes are Google Maps, contact forms, sorting tables, typography (page layouts, drop caps, etc.)

MP3 Unlimited
calibre mp3 unlimited

The MP3 unlimited option allows you to easily embed your audio files.

Quite a breakthrough if you ask me. This features allows you to upload your entire music library and enables visitors to use a universal search box (with autocomplete to boot!) to search through your selection. I can see this being extremely useful for a studio or collective music group. Not quite sure if it makes sense within a “smaller” theme like Calibre but it’s an interesting feature nonetheless.
Filterable Portfolio – The filterable portfolio is perhaps the darling of the web design world right now. It’s featured in practically every new theme built with HTML5 and CSS3 and is a great way to display your work/posts in a responsive format.

Who We Recommend the Calibre Theme To

Creative or artist types. The theme functions as a way for you to show off your work. The left-aligned navigation makes it an unlikely choice for traditional businesses and web blogs.

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