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Chiba, an Original Multimedia Theme for WordPress

I only review WordPress themes that seem to “stick out” amongst the carbon copy templates found on ThemeForest. They seem to release such an absurd amount of themes that it’s often hard to find ones that offer something different. Chiba is unique for several reasons. Often times, a theme will include a landing (buying) page that will rattle off dozens of features ranging from shortcodes to localization. A lot claim to also be “SEO friendly” right out of the box. The Yoast SEO plugin is ALL YOU NEED as far as SEO goes so this always seems like a mute point. The Chiba Theme’s landing page, which should be viewed as a “point of sale” seems curiously empty, devoid of the usual bullshit.


Unique Design – Left aligned navigation, full-screen goodness. Chiba is daring in the fact that it doesn’t hit you in the face with a bunch of bells and whistles. It’s design let’s your content speak for itself. You are who you are.

Built with Solid Web Technologies – Chiba uses LESS CSS, Backbone.js, jQuery and other modern development technologies that give you the comfort of knowing that your site is ready for the future.

CSS3 Animations – Remember when Flash was used for this kind of thing? Not anymore. Thanks to CSS3 we’re able to create custom animations that display well in most modern web browsers. Thanks Steve Jobs.

Full-Screen Mode – Plan on hosting/presenting video on your website? This theme allows for full screen media viewing. It plays nice on the iPad as well.

Who We’d Recommend This Theme To

A multimedia professional looking to dynamically display their work. It also would work well for photographers.

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