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A Responsive Corporate WordPress Theme

textured 3d background

Endymion features a unique background for the menu bar.

This theme is “as advertised”, a corporate-style WordPress theme that’s sure to satisfy attorneys and and brick and mortar local businesses. A few things stand out to me about this theme. The most unique aspect of it seems to be the texturized main menu background. While most themes are OK with having a simple color background Endymion utilizes a gray, 3d-ish design to stand out from the crowd, a refreshing concept considering that so many WordPress themes released on ThemeForest look the same. We don’t even review themes anymore that don’t stick out.

Features of the Endymion Theme

iphone layout

The layout on the iPhone looks nice.

Responsive Design – A must for anyone wanting to build a “modern” website. We don’t even consider non-responsive sites when we design for clients now. Endymion stacks nicely and also looks great on an iPad. It’s important to understand exactly how important responsive design really is. Not only does it make your website functional on multiple devices but it also keeps search engines only indexing one version instead of a separate mobile layout.

Plenty of Theme Options

If a client wants to change the look of their website you’re not going to give them a CSS tutorial. It’s easier to visually go in and change the looks. This theme comes with plenty of of these options so changing basic things like color, font, and background.

Who We’d Recommend Endymion WordPress Theme To

Anyone looking to build a clean, simple, responsive corporate website that utilizes the latest web technologies. This theme is sure to please people looking for a traditional-style website.

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