Google Releases it’s Link Disavow Tool

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This is a huge step in combating negative link spam. A SEO practitioners dream that has finally come to fruition. After countless Penguin and Panda updates in the past two years there is finally a tool that lets web masters shape their link profile and weed out spammy links that could be hurting them. We’ve had numerous potential clients that have come to us wanting their spammy link profile cleaned up. Up until this point, the frustrating thing about doing this was that it required a lot of time and effort to reach out to the various web masters and forums to remove these suspect links.

What The Disavow Tool Means to Negative SEO Campaigns

I had the unpleasant experience of being threatened with a negative SEO campaign awhile back. The perpetrator said that unless I paid him for a link included in an article on his site that he would put all his effort into building “negative links” to my website. With bated breath I waited to see Xrumor-ish links start pouring into but luckily they never did. He probably figured it wasn’t worth the effort. But now with the Google Disavow tool we can simply shut the incoming links off like a plumber putting tightening a lug nut to shut off water flow.

More Data For Google to Gobble Up

At the end of the day this is simply going to be more data for Google to sink their teeth into. I believe that a lot people are going to prune their “link tree” to the point where it’s a stump. It will certainly be interesting to see the data (assuming Google releases it) associated with what people deem as “spammy links”. The disavow tools will help Google get deeper into the minds of web masters and SEO practitioners.

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