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Currently, we have a client needing to redesign their buying guide. They’re in the B2B space and are starting to rely heavy on the organic traffic coming to their “guides”, which span several product categories and receive 6k+ search engine hits per month (which in itself is absolutely remarkable). The problem with these buying guides is that they’re very “static”, pretty much check boxes of what you “need to buy” to open up your own business. The bounce rate on these pages is horrendous (87%) and the fact they they still rank high for many competitive keywords is a miracle. We describe these situations as a “SEO Golden Goose” – a gift that keeps on giving. We suggested turning their buying guide into a Wiki-type “web app” that customers could enter in questions and get immediate answers kind of like a “mini Google” for their industry.

Why Use WordPress for a Wiki-based Knowledge Theme

Interaction. Because WordPress comes out of the box as a “blog” it encourages interaction between the visitors and site administrators. I’m also a fan of how WordPress organizes its content, despite its obvious problems with contextual search. I can see how a large news organizations struggle with using WordPress, especially if they’re pumping out content like crazy and need to facet and organize their content according to comments, keyword saturation, relevance, date etc. But for something like a buying guide we think WordPress has matured enough to take on the many requirements that turn the guide into a useful web app.

Responsive Knowledgebase & FAQ Theme Meets the Requirements

The creators of this theme certainly knew what they were doing. The search box is placed right in the center, leaving little to the imagination to where the user needs to start. We’re so accustomed to using search engines at this point that I’m surprised we don’t see more websites laid out like this. Among some of the features included in this theme:

    left panel knowledgebase theme

  • Responsive layout- we kind of get tired of having to list this because we rarely review themes that aren’t responsive unless they’re an eCommerce or BuddyPress theme.
  • Custom menus – to the left is a screenshot of the custom menu you get after inputing a search term. This theme is eerily appropriate for what our client needs. Especially since it includes shipping and FAQ.
  • Live search – Huuuuuge. Because Google and Amazon both have broken so much ground on this front we’d be remiss not to mention how important it is now for a Wiki-based theme to include this feature. Often times a website owner will know better than the user and offer the answer before they’re done typing it.
  • Shortcodes – The typography shortcodes are a must for themes dealing with pure informational content.

Who We Recommend This Theme To

Anyone ballsy enough to become an authority on anything. Honestly, it’s easier said than done. If you think you’re able to answer peoples questions about your industry then go for it. It’s pretty simple in its execution, taking a cue from popular search engines. The click-through rate on these type of sites has to be tremendous, which certainly helps in search engines. Google pays attention to this kind of thing.

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  1. cstyle on January 7, 2013

    Another thing to note about this theme is that it supports “responsive video”. Try it out on your phone (unless your have a flip phone in which case, you probably shouldn’t be in this industry.


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