Levis “Freedom to Move” – Coolest Commercial Ever?

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A few years ago (8 to be exact) I purchased Jonathan Glazer’s Directors Series set and remember this particular Levis commercial sticking out in my head. In commercial advertising you “get what you pay for” and Levis obviously spared no expense in producing this effective, cool, and ultimately transcending commercial. Originally produced in 2002 under the working title “The Odyssey”, this commercial has everything quality you want representing your “hip” jean company.

  • Classical music – while not always thought of as hip, classical music adds a touch of class to any project and seems to be especially appropriate here.
  • Two skinny, good looking young people – and they’re French to boot!
  • Graphic, punctuated – breaking through walls suggests a myriad of things – achievement, transcendance, power.
  • Low light/color saturation – suggests seriousness and importance.

They don’t make em’ like they used to that’s for sure.

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