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What is Parallax Anyways?

Parallax is a method in which the background shifts focus and appears to be dynamic.

Also known as Parallax scrolling, it happens when you’re viewing a web page and the background appears to by dynamic, shifting focuses – which gives the appearance of a more dynamic website. It gives the background a layered feel, often leaving typography in static position, adding unique perspective to what appears behind it.
The above video does a pretty good job explaining what Parallax is. In short, it’s a great way to present content in a dynamic manner and thanks to HTML5 and CSS3 we’re able to add such elements to our websites now. Parallax pages are great for showing off photographs, giving dynamic presentations, and adding a touch of class to any modern website.

Features of the Minimum WordPress Theme

Besides being a theme that supports parallax scrolling, it’s packed with plenty of other features. Among the features that this theme provides:

Fluid Ajax Page Transitions – I can’t stress enough how sweet this feature is. It provides a seamless experience for your visitors, allowing them to browse through your work while keeping a consistent navigation bar at top. The only downside to this is that presenting your site like this has some negative SEO connotations. In the demo you can see that the URL never changes when you switch between pages in Ajax transition mode which presents indexation problems.

Elegant Mega Menu-like Navigation – I’m a huge fan of the mega menu. ESPN is the poster child for this, displaying multiple content types while hovering above top menu items. It’s a huge win for user experience, allowing for website visitors (and search engines) to find the content they’re looking for fast. The menu items also have a nice mouse-over animation.

Modular Shortcode Combinations – Easily create custom shortcodes. Shortcodes are the easiest way to add style and elements to your website. Remember when you used to have to write code to add this stuff? WordPress has come a long way and the shortcode integration is amongst the top reasons why it’s become a premiere CMS.

The vertical project layout.

Project Pages – Multiple page/post types is a must for any premium WordPress theme. The Minimum theme provides several project layouts, our favorite being the vertical style (pictured to the left). Another thing to mention is that among the shortcodes provided you also have the ability to add custom social icons, pricing tables, videos, accordions, toggles, and much more. The flexibility and custom options of this theme are endless. If you’re an artist or someone wanting to show off your work these options are absolutely essential.

Who We Recommend the Minimum WordPress Theme To

Creative types. We’ve all heard the phrase, “let your content speak for itself”. It certainly applies if you’re using this theme. Minimum is sure to sell a lot considering how unique it is and the sheer amount of options included. The parallax pages are great for photographers and dynamic content creators who want to engage their audience in a non-traditional manner. Head over to ThemeForest and check this theme out immediately.

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