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Musica is an eCommerce WordPress theme just released on ThemeForest. It’s supports the WooCommerce shopping cart plugin (which has become extremely popular in its own right). This theme has some really cool add-ons. In particular I like the option on the homepage slider of being able to hover over and have a custom message appear. This could be extremely effective for running product promotions or offering general coupons. They use it in the demo as a way to announce upcoming shows for a music artist but you can insert custom HTML for whatever purpose you wish.

Musica Features

First of all, let’s point out that this theme is flexible. Responsive WordPress themes are all the rage these days at ThemeForest. Pretty much every one pushed out of their marketplace is responsive. It’s confusing to see ones that aren’t at this point. I digress, among some of the features of the Musica:
musica theme mobile layout

  • It uses WooCommerce – probably the most popular eCommerce plugin available for WordPress. Sorry WP Commerce and JigoShop, WooCommerce is currently dominating the plugin and theme market. Especially with the new plugins that deal with shipping and dynamic ways to sell products you can’t beat it.
  • Audio and video support – with SEO in mind, it’s such an easy win to include multimedia on your product pages. This theme makes it easy for you to do that with plenty of sel-hosted options.
  • Looks good on a phone – the screen shot to the left is what Musica looks like on a mobile phone. This is important because many consumers are now using their mobile devices to order products online (in exponentially growing numbers).
  • Built-in sliders – with 3 built in sliders you’ll be able to pick how you display pictures and video. Having these options ensures that you have the ability to display your multimedia exactly how you want.
  • CSS3 animations – CSS has come a long way. Most browsers are now able to handle the animation components of it (even Explorer) so using it in place of Flash is fully acceptable.

Who We Recommend Musica Theme To

This theme is obviously geared towards musicians wanting to sell their songs online. The dynamic shopping cart and faceted product options though, would enable you to sell just about anything using this theme. It also looks and stacks nicely on an iPad.
what musica theme looks like on an ipad

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