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ThemeForest has just released an impressive premium WordPress theme called “one touch”, a Windows 8-inspired responsive theme that uses the tile-like interface that’s become popular with Windows tablets (and desktops to a certain extent). Although I’d probably consider myself an Apple fan boy at this point I can still appreciate Microsofts effort to make their interface more user-friendly. Themeforest released a similar theme about a month back called “Metro Mobile”.

Features of One Touch Theme

The interface of One Touch is extremely pleasing. As mentioned, it’s based on the Metro interface on Windows 8 and looks nice on mobile devices. To the left is what One Touch looks like laid out on a mobile device. Everything stacks nicely and the navigation folds into a drop down menu that makes it easy for visitors to “thumb” their way to other pages. A common problem with many websites is that they look “squished” on phones, making the user pinch and zoom just to get to the content they want. Responsive design is especially crucial if you plan on using email marketing to reach out to potential clients or keep your current ones up to date on the latest news of your company.

One Touch Has Tons of Shortcodes

Any premium WordPress theme needs to have shortcodes. Themeforest keeps raising the bar and anything less is unacceptable if your spending $45+ for a premium theme. Among the various shortcodes included:

  • Accordian slider – nice if you want to show off pictures or custom content. Simply enter a shortcode in and reference which slider you want to use.
  • FAQ Toggles – great to hide custom content and utilize screen space to answer people’s questions about your business.
  • Social buttons – necessary if you want to utilize the open graph to connect on social networks.
  • Tour section – a great way to give end-users an overview of how the site works.

One Touch is Great for Modern Businesses

We recommend One Touch to anyone who has a modern business or consulting agency. It’s layout is similar to people’s mobile devices and if you’re catering to an older, more “businessy” crowd then this may be what you need.

Here is what One Touch looks like on an iPad.
The iPad layout of the website look similar to the desktop version, as you would expect. The same could be said for a netbook. Flexibility is the number one priority here.


  1. cstyle on December 27, 2012

    Update: This theme has already has 50+ sales in less than a week!

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