Puzzle Picture Captcha Authentication? and Other Examples

puzzle piece captcha image

I was on a forum I frequent today an I noticed something interesting. Before I posted a thread I was prompted to put together a “puzzle” for the captcha identification. I thought I’d seen it all when a couple months ago I was prompted to enter “pizza pizza” after seeing a Little Caesars ad but this is a new level. Undoubtedly the the result of a little HTML5 magic, this interesting spin on the captcha will surely thwart spam bots better than a few twisted letters.

Dr. Pepper Captcha

dr pepper captcha
Similar to the Little Caesars one, Dr. Pepper’s captcha form prompts the user to simply enter the catch phrase to authenticate. This is brand building at its finest.


volkswagon captcha
“Da Auto” is a weird choice, especially for consumers in the U.S. I guess it’s cheeky enough to be effective marketing in the same way that “hello moto” works.

Toyota Camry

toyota camry
A Camry is still a Camry. This captcha doesn’t even bother to give you a catch phrase. It just wants you to type the product name in.

Kill Bieber Captcha (couldn’t resist)

kill bieber captcha
This one is a trick obviously but someone’s behind it giggling.


  1. stuart on January 1, 2013

    minteye offers an better alternative to recaptcha

    • cstyle on January 3, 2013

      minteye seems to be one of the companies perpetuating this style of “Captcha”. More power to them!


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