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A Modern, Flexible WordPress Theme

The Smashing Theme has just been released over at ThemeForest. It’s clean, flexible, and features all the HTML5 and CSS3 goodness you’d expect from a paid premium theme. The tagline says this theme is “perfect for creative companies” but honestly it seems versatile enough for anyone to use. Maybe “creative companies” means companies willing to take risks with their website design and not someone making pottery in their garage.

Features of the Smashing Theme

Parallax Slider – A $15 value if you were to purchase it from CodeCanyon, this dynamic slider is quickly becoming popular amongst web designers for presenting dynamic content on your website. It can do some interesting things like mouseover effects and has the ability to shrink and expand when used with responsive themes.

Retina Display Ready – Something you must consider when building a modern website. It’s rumored that the new Samsung Galaxy will support a resolution even higher than the already absurd Apple retina display. Mobile is no longer the elephant in the room. Building your website to support high density pixel displays is a must.

200 Icons – That’s a lot of vector graphics. I’ve found that integrations like these are especially helpful if you’re running a consulting business and need to display the different services you offer.

Built with LESS – Less is a dynamic stylesheet language that supports dynamic behavior like variable, mixins, operations and functions. In this case, it runs on the “client side” within the WordPress theme.

The Smashing Theme Is Solid

The biggest selling point of this theme is that it uses modern web technologies well, something that’s important when looking into the future. Many themes will have messy code and seem to be put together by bubble gum and toothpicks. We’d recommend this theme to anyone looking to start their own agency or someone looking to breathe new life into their old design.


  1. Filip on February 12, 2013

    Sweet. Thanks for the review! :-) Next time; ask for a free copy if you want to review one of my themes, and I’ll be happy to give you one!

  2. cstyle on February 12, 2013

    No problem, it would be great if you could also link to this review via your site or social network. Let me know if you need anything else.


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