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Honestly, I think ThemeForest is over-saturated with Photography Themes. There are countless WordPress themes labeled “creative”, “portfolio”, etc. I’m of the belief that you get a theme built with solid code most of the time will come with enough portfolio options to satisfy your multimedia needs. With that being said, the Sniper theme is quite impressive. We rarely review photography themes because like I mentioned, there’s too many of them.

Sniper Theme Features

Here’s what Snip looks like on a mobile phone. The picture slideshow still works surprisingly well here.

For starters, this theme is full screen. I would expect nothing less from a “photography theme”. Let your work speak for itself right? Another important aspect is its scalability. ON the left is what this theme would look like on a mobile phone.

Aside from it’s full-screen goodness, the Sniper Theme is also responsive, hence the nice layout when switching to mobile view. One thing to note though, if you plan on on using high definition images for a theme like this make sure the get decent hosting. The load time for full-screen images is a huge factor if you’re trying to promote your work efficiently. People aren’t going to sit around for 10 seconds so your pictures can download. We use Hostgator and have been very pleased with its speed and backup options.

This is what Sniper looks like on an iPad.

Who We’d Recommend Sniper to

Photography professionals.

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