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A WordPress Theme For Selling Out

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No, not really. Technically the Sound Stage WordPress theme allows you to sell products via the WooCommerce plugin though. This WP theme just released at ThemeForest is pretty impressive. The only gripe we have with it is that it’s not responsive. Other than that there are a lot of nice features that should aesthetically please the target audience (unless it’s a teen pop group, in which case you may want to check out another theme like “Mint“).

Features of Soundstage

woocommerce cart on soundstage theme
WooCommerce Enabled – WooCommerce is our favorite eCommerce plugin for WordPress. It has a ton of features and the plugins being developed will eventually place it in the upper echelon of open source eCommerce solutions. The shopping cart is nice and clean and the products are displayed in columns, optimal for selling t-shirts and/or posters. The ability to sell products on your website is sometimes an afterthought. I doubt many bands will be ready to start selling right off the bat but it’s nice to know the feature is baked right in.

Tour Dates Post Format

tour dates post format

The soundstage theme has a convenient “tour dates” post format that’s perfect for letting people know when you’re playing.

audio player on soundstage theme
HTML5 Audio Player – A nice feature if you want to self-host your audio files. Although I prefer using SoundCloud then embedding this option is nice to have. Its widgetized layout is easy to add to any sidebar, allowing the user to quickly press play to hear your music.

There are also other features like automatic image resizing, drop down menus (although WP out of the box can do this, not quite sure why they listed this as a “feature”), cross browser support, discography and more.

Who Should Use the Soundstage WordPress Theme

Bands. Because of the specific customization features geared towards music groups. Although it’s clean and functional it’s disappointing that it doesn’t have a responsive design, a true rarity on the ThemeForest Marketplace these days. Whenever you see “cross-browser compatibility” it usually means that it doesn’t emply media queries (CSS3 and HTML5) and can be viewed on IE7.

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