Why Adding HTML Click-to-Call Is Vital For Mobile Success

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At SunBird we are obsessed with two things: speed and scalability. Speed that delivers your message/content in a timely manner and scalability meaning that it will look good across several devices. Something that many mobile-minded websites don’t employ is the click-to-call link markup. The goal of having a mobile-friendly website is to have people who are on their phones have the ability to contact you as quickly and efficiently as possible. While most phones are smart enough to implement click-to-call without any special markup it’s still an easy piece of code to implement. Just a href = tel: then the number.

Physical Placement of Phone Number and Email Just as Vital

You’re not doing yourself any favors if your company phone number is tucked away within a paragraph somewhere. Your “mobile website” become irrelevant when users can’t call you easily. A good place to start is by placing your phone number within the header of your website.
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For instance, if you shrink down our website (drag from the corner on your browser) or visit us on your phone you’ll notice that the two important contact information call-to-actions stack right to the top of the page. So even if someone is reading one of our blog posts from their mobile device our contact information is always right now top for them. No navigating to fill out forms or guesswork. We tried to make it as easy as possible for our potential clients to reach out to us.

Made Possible By Responsive We Design

Responsive web design enables us to use CSS media queries to repurpose and “stack” the content so it looks good natively on multiple devices. The problem with creating a separate mobile version of your website is that you run into canonical issues and confuse the search engines as to what they should rank. You’re essentially running two versions of your website on the same server. You have to be extremely careful about how you publish your content.

The HTML click-to-call property is a perfect complement to your mobile friendly website layout. Utilizing it is just one part of crossing your t’s and dotting your i’s.

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